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Active Acupuncture

Hilary Zeltner, LAc

After working alongside Eileen Chen and Mr. Gu for many years, Hilary has incorporated their techniques into her own practice. During this difficult time of Covid 19, she is pleased to introduce exercises developed by Mr. Gu to combat this damaging virus.

Developed after Mr. Gu experienced a severe case of Covid 19, he created a new protocol based on traditional Chinese medicine to help heal his lungs and effectively increase his blood oxygen saturation levels. He restored his lung function to a level that allowed his doctors to release him from the hospital. Mr. Gu was on the brink of being intubated but after doing these exercises and applying his knowledge of acupuncture for stimulation of the body and its nervous system, this procedure was avoided.

As a licensed acupuncturist, Hilary can help you provide stimulation to the appropriate nerves while also teaching Mr. Gu’s techniques to promote better health. She is proud to offer these life-changing methods either in her office, or on-line.

If you’re in the NYC area, please call for an appointment. If you are out of the area or find it difficult to travel, please call for a tele-health consultation to learn these exercises and many others that will assist in improving your health. Hilary is excited to be able to diagnose and address your health concerns through exercise and acupuncture techniques customized for your body and its needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as it draws on centuries of Chinese medical knowledge and procedures that are tailored to provide the maximum benefit to your body through a specific health plan.

Hilary also specializes in supporting mental and emotional stress, women’s health & fertility, asthma, injury and muscle pain recovery, cancer support and digestive balance. The goal of every treatment is to promote a sense of balance to your body.

As our lives evolve, our needs, health and wellness are forever changing. Hilary is pleased to teach centuries-old methods whose success has been proven through the years. Techniques our patients can practice at home to increase their vitality and wellness.

Hilary believes that connecting with her patients is the cornerstone of any successful medical treatment. Providing compassion and sharing knowledge about Chinese Medicine is her passion. She looks forward to joining you on your journey!

"We evaluate all of our patients as individuals and develop a treatment plan that we believe is best suited for you."
-Eileen Chen